Conditions for buying Kamagra and other potency enhancers

The purpose of the information

§ 8 The information must be suitable to enable the consumer to have

(a) adequate knowledge of the essential characteristics and features of the goods and services, their quality, price, charges, instructions for their use and the risks involved in their use, necessary to facilitate the choice of goods and services and their use and maintenance,

b) the basic knowledge necessary to exercise their rights.

We will endeavour to meet these points below and provide you with the relevant legislation in the annex, which will provide you with the basic information you need to exercise your rights.


In the webshop you can browse at your convenience, get to know our products and prices without revealing your identity and browse without registering. The list of products is also our price list. All products are priced gross, i.e. including VAT.

Buy from

No special registration is required to buy or order kamagra. Click on the order button to place an order for the product. You will be informed by e-mail when your order has been placed. A confirmation will be sent to the e-mail address you have provided within a few minutes of placing your order. If we have any questions about the delivery of the items you have ordered (e.g. we do not have the product you requested, we cannot deliver the product, etc.), our staff will contact you on the phone number provided.


You pay the price of your order of Kamagra or other potency enhancers to the delivery person (courier or postman) in cash on receipt of the parcel.


The value of the parcel must be paid in cash to the carrier (courier or postman) at the time of delivery. The value of the parcel must be paid to the courier upon receipt of the parcel. If you request your parcel to be delivered by post, the post office will try to deliver your parcel two days in a row. If you are still not at the delivery address a second time and do not collect your parcel, the postman will leave you a notice, which you can show to the post office for 10 days to collect your parcel.

Delivery deadlines

On average, we can deliver the products you order within 2 working days, if this is not possible, our customer service will notify you by email or phone which product you should wait for. In this case, you have the option to omit the product from the order and have the package sent without this product, or to choose another similar (substitute) product. We guarantee that we will always put the interests of the Customer first. Orders are processed quickly and accurately. In some cases (e.g. if the customer does not provide a phone number and does not reply to several of our emails), we are unable to process the order with the necessary speed through no fault of our own. Please feel free to email us with your views, comments or complaints, we will respond to all comments and any cases where an order is not fulfilled or is spoiled due to our or our supplier’s fault will be dealt with with full flexibility or a money back guarantee.


Warranty: the seller’s (contractual or legal) responsibility for the natural or legal defects of the sold object. (Hungarian Interpretive Dictionary)

Expiry date: As long as the warranty is valid. For our products, it varies individually and depending on the time of production. which can be read on the box or packaging, but not less than 3 months from the date of delivery.

What does it mean?

With a warranty, we take responsibility for the fact that the product you received from us was free of defects at the time of sale, so it has no hidden defects that will only become apparent later and retains its described characteristics within the warranty period.